What the Human Life and Medicine will be in 2100?

A few decades ago people even couldn’t imagine the world as it is now. Science is developing very fast and it is difficult to imagine how our lives can change in the next few years. And what will it be in 2100? Professor of New York University Michio Kaku tried to answer this curious and difficult question. This physicist has been studying the laws of the universe for many years. In early 2014, Michio Kaku analyzing the pace and direction of modern science development, including medicine, has compiled a list of several things which now seem fantastic, but it will certainly be included in the human life in the future.

The first forecasts of the scientist concern 2030. Michio is sure that doctors will be able to grow all the human organs by that time, and donors for transplantation won’t be needed. The first medical advances in this direction allow the scientist to make such a forecast.

The physicist also suggests that contact lenses with Internet access will be set up at the same time. These lenses will allow people suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness significantly improve their lives. But perfectly healthy people may want to take advantage of new lenses as well.future_man They will allow the owners to compare faces with images on the web, read texts in foreign languages and immediately receive their translations, as well as perform a number of equally interesting features. It sounds fantastic, isn’t it? First development of this device has been already taking place in Washington University, Seattle.

Michio Kaku predicts an increase in the duration of life by 30% by 2100. Achieving this will be possible with the help of anti-ageing technologies, which are now only at the initial stage of development, but they have great prospects. Also, medicine will completely solve the problem of cancer by the time.

The scientist believes that devices for toilets will be designed, which will conduct regular urine analysis and signal the slightest deviations from the norm.

Nanoparticles, which will be introduced into the blood, will be used for the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

The robots will be invented, which will work, for example, on plants and petrol stations, that is, in the environments that have negative impacts on human health.

Next novelty which is projected for the world by physicists may be a microchip that is implanted in the brain. The new device will allow people to use telepathic abilities, create electronic messages and even implement teleportation in the more distant future.

All of this, according to Michio Kaku, will be a reality within 90 years. And before that, around 2070’s, biologists will learn how to return to life extinct species of creatures. It seems that this is not possible, but the first steps towards this have been done now. Scientists already can recreate the DNA of animals that died about 25 years ago.