The Herbs And Remedies Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

L-arginineThere is no absolute treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). This male disorder has plagued thousands of men, compromising their sexual life and hindering their love affair with their partner. Even though there are prescription drugs used to treat the signs of ED, herbs and natural remedies for ED still exist today. These natural treatments can be traced back from the ancient Chinese. However, unlike the medications used for ED, herbs and natural treatments are not extensively studied.

Some of these natural treatments may only cause side effects, while others may interact with medications. The amount of active ingredient found in each of these herbs and natural treatments greatly vary from one to another. Nevertheless, there are herbal products that are used to treat ED and offered positive results to users. They are likewise guaranteed safe, which is why you know that you will never have any troubles regarding these natural treatments.

Herbal Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction That Actually Work

ginsengOne of the most used herbal remedies for ED is dehydroepiandrosterone. There are studies stating that dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) helps to increase libido in women, while men can help their ED problems. It is also safe for consumption, as long as it will be taken at low doses. However, it may cause acne to some. Another proven remedy for ED is L-arginine. There are studies shown that taking L-arginine in low level of doses helps improve ED. It stimulates the blood vessel going to the penis, making way for more blood flow.

L-arginine may cause cramps, diarrhea and even nausea. If you are already taking prescription drugs for ED, do not take L-arginine with it. Furthermore, ginseng is another remedy that works for ED. A study suggests that Panax ginseng aids in the improvement of men with erectile dysfunction. This particular remedy contains several active ingredients. It is ideal to take ginseng in a short-term basis. The most common side effect by taking ginseng is insomnia.

Why You Must Be Aware Of The So-Called “Herbal Viagra”?

Although there are different herbal remedies for ED, make sure to not use “herbal Viagra”. There is a number of non-prescription medications that claimed to be Viagra’s herbal form. These products are not proven safe and effective for everyone. They have unknown active ingredients that may only worsen the condition. Even though most of these products were banned from the market, there are still dangerous drugs that remain up for sale. It is a must to know which remedies are indeed helpful for ED to revitalize your sexual life. The bottom line is that you must know the safe herbal remedies that can help improve your condition.