Top 5 the most In-demand Healthcare Support Workers in 2016

The health care sector is one of the determining fields in the society. Health experts are always busy on the ground to deliver medical services to patients. The top health caregivers include surgeons, dentists, and doctors and various support workers assisting them. Health support workers play a huge role in delivering services to patients since they take medical tests, work in the procedure rooms, treat and monitor patients. Here are the top five health support jobs of 2016 according to the United States Department of Labor statistics.nurses

1. Occupational therapy assistant

The OTAs work under the occupational therapists and they help the patient learn and understand what they should do and how they should live after an illness or an injury. The median salary of the OTAs is $56,950, and they are reported to have job openings of over 14,000 throughout the year. Also, they are the healthcare support staff with the lowest unemployment rate of 1.2%.

2. Dental hygienist

These support workers are under the office of the dentist, and they basically help in cleaning the patients’ teeth, and teaching how to take care of your dental hygiene. This year, the expected job openings of the DHs are over 37,350, and the median salary of the dental hygienist is slightly over $71,500.

3. Physical therapist assistant

Usually, a physical therapist will be responsible for handling a patient that has mobility issues after an injury or a serious illness. The PTAs work along with the physical therapists to assist patients in regaining their mobility and overall movement after an accident. The median salary of the PTAs is about $54,400, and they are expected to have around 31,900 job openings.

4. Prosthetist and orthotist

These healthcare support workers specialize in the building, designing, and placement of artificial body parts, teeth braces, as well as other relevant medical devices. They work along with dentists, orthodontists, and other health practitioners. This year, the median salary of the prosthetists and orthotists is about $64,000.

5. Medical secretary

Even though technology has aided the economy by introducing virtual assistants, the healthcare field still needs human assistants for the perfect service delivery. The medical secretaries handle the visitors in and out of the office of the doctor, as well as collect and maintain vital information. There are expected to be over 108,100 job openings throughout the year, and the median salary for these workers is about $32,200.

The top healthcare experts need the help of the support staff, which is why the support workers are highly significant in the entire medical field. Regardless of their annual earnings, the support staff in the medical world are equally vital as their bosses.