Top 5 Female Sexual Fantasies

There is a very common misconception that women don't have the imagination of men when it comes to sexual fantasies. The truth is women are also quite fond of imagining themselves in various types of sexual fantasies. They are just not that vocal about these fantasies, which creates the impression that they don't fantasize at all. In fact, some women fantasize even more compared to their male counterparts. Below are some of the most popular sexual fantasies among women.domination

1. Domination:  This is a very common fantasy among women. They often picture themselves dominating their sexual partners or being dominated in the bedroom. This may involve tearing apart the clothing, binding and sexual role playing. This female fantasy is all about either taking full control over the man or giving herself under full control to the man.

2. Sexual intercourse with a teacher: This naughty fetish is a lot more common than you may think. Women like to picture themselves as young students being seduced by their manly teacher. They also like to imagine themselves having sex in the classroom with the teacher spanking them for bad behavior or failing to do their homework.

3. Sexual encounter with a complete stranger: To be fair, this is also a fantasy that is quite common among men as well. When it comes to women, they enjoy mystery and spontaneity which is why they are attracted to the idea of having sex with a man they have just met for the first time. This is also one of the reasons why many women don't have any problems with one-night stands.

4. Threesome with a man and another woman: A woman doesn't have to be a lesbian to enjoy the company of another woman. Psychologists suggest that there is some amount of bisexuality in almost every woman. So some of them let their fantasy flow and explore the idea of having threesomes with a man and a second woman. In some instances, it's the woman who would suggest the idea to her man.

5. Exhibitionist sexual encounters: The most common type of exhibitionist fantasy is having sex in public or in open air. Some women like to imagine themselves having sex with their partners in a public park or a public bathroom. This type of open encounter gives them a certain kind of release.

Women fantasize more often than you may think. The sexual fantasies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, these are rather tame fantasies compared to the wilder ones which may include bondage and spanking. Anyway, these fantasies should put to rest the myth that women don't have the wild imaginations of men when it comes to sexual encounters.