Three Simple Skincare Guidelines for Every Man

The common problems that men are likely to experience with regard to skincare include acne, blackheads, spots and wrinkles. It is easy to blame these problems on genes and bad luck. However, before you curse fate, you should evaluate your skincare practices and general lifestyle. In most cases, healthy and handsome skin is a simple matter of better care. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve healthy-looking skin without too much fuss or special serums.skincare-guide-men

Cleanse your skin

Contrary to what you might imagine, cleansing is not a five-step process that requires hours to complete. As implied, this is simply cleaning the skin. You should always wash your face every morning and in the evening before retiring to bed. This is crucial because the skin accumulates a lot of grime and dirt when exposed to car exhaust, dust, room deodorizers, micro particles form pillows or general pollution. Cleansing the skin will open blocked pores and prevent breakouts. Regular soap is normally harsh and can irritate and dehydrate facial skin. Therefore, it is prudent to purchase a specially manufactured facial cleanser for this task.

Practice regular exfoliation

You can further boost the appearance and health of your skin by practicing exfoliation. This is essentially a process where you eliminate the old skin cells and reveal the fresh healthy ones. Think of this skincare task in relation to refinishing wood. When the wood surface is sanded, the worn surface is removed and a new layer is revealed. For this, you will need an exfoliating scrub - your sandpaper. To execute the procedure, you are going to need a special cream with particles to smooth your skin and clean out the pores thoroughly. Unlike cleansing, this can be done just a few times every month for optimal results.

Moisturize properly

Men’s skin is more prone to dehydration compared to women’s. Partially, this can be attributed to the fact that most men have to shave frequently. The razor will scrape the pertinent facial hair along with your skin’s natural oil. In addition, the aftershave products used after the process are usually alcohol-based, which will contribute to further drying out of the skin. Therefore, apply a good moisturizer on your skin to restore the moisture. Ensure that you have covered every area for perfect balance. If you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, choose a product with sunscreen to prevent general damage and premature wrinkles due to exposure to sunlight.

Finally, you should care for your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy, balanced meals.