Something about bloating…

Bloating is unattractive and it can definitely throw you in for a loop when you have no idea why your belly is suddenly looking bigger than normal. In truth, however, you are missing the whole point of bloating, because while unsightly and uncomfortable, it is perfectly normal to experience some minor bloating. So before you go on a crazy diet, you should definitely read the following points:

1. Veggies can cause bloating

The fiber and carbs contained in some vegetables - broccoli and cauliflower are two of them - can be hard to digest and cause some bloating, so you should eat your salad slowly to help the process along, as the intestine needs more time to try and break down these stubborn nutrients.

2. Straws will blow you up

No matter what’s in the cup, drinking it out of a straw will cause you to ingest excess air that will get trapped inside you and cause your belly to blow up, so try drinking directly from the cup.bloating belly

3. Hot citrus water

Drinking hot water mixed with lemon juice does help reduce bloating for a short term period. Staying hydrated also helps digestion, which in turn will prevent bloating. You should beware of the acid, however.

4. Sugar substitute

Here’s another reason to ditch “sugar-free” products: they often contain sweeteners and cause bloating, as your intestines don’t know how to deal with sugar substitutes. If you need some sweetness in your life, use real sugar or honey instead.

5. Move it!

It should go without saying, but spending your day at a desk or couch only helps you blow up, as being inactive slows your digestion and can cause constipation. If you have a sedentary job, try to find an excuse to get up and walk around every hour or so.

6. All adults are lactose intolerant

Well, this is an exaggeration, of course, but if you suspect bloating is a sign of the intolerance in your case, you might be right. In fact, the majority of the world’s population has difficulties when digesting dairy products, even if they aren’t exactly intolerant to lactose. The solution would be to substitute your milk for an alternative and maybe take a probiotic to ease your digestion.

7. Steroids

Some people take steroids purposefully to buff up, but no one really wants to puff up. If you’re taking steroid-based medicine or supplements and find yourself bloated, they are likely to be the culprits. Well, since steroids have multiple side effects that can manifest in the long run, bloating would probably be the least of your concerns if you take steroids for a long period of time.