Some Amount of Alcohol Can Make Men a Bit Smarter

The results of some studies suggest that alcohol, when drunk in moderation, might have certain health benefits. Although such suggestions are eagerly welcomed by many people, the conventional medicine adheres to the opinion that alcohol can hardly influence your health positively and in large amounts it is very detrimental. However, over the last decade, alcohol – from being generally looked upon as harmful – has become a rather controversial matter thanks to new findings.

Frankly speaking, there is no strong scientific evidence as of today that backs the idea of alcohol health benefits. But still, new studies – however small they are – appear claiming that drinking moderately has certain positive effects on our health. So one more research of this kind has been recently conducted and published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.contemplating beer

As a result of this new study, researchers at the University of Illinois came to the conclusion that little alcohol can temporarily improve men’s creative thinking, thus making them better at problem solving.

To perform the study, researchers recruited 40 men and offered them to take some cognitive tests. The next step was to divide the men randomly into two groups, and the individuals of one were given alcoholic cocktails. When blood alcohol levels of those individuals reached 0.075 % (which if slightly below the legal limit of 0.08), both groups were offered to take similar cognitive tests once again.

This time the control group (sober one) showed approximately the same results. Surprisingly though, the man from the experimental group performed tangibly better. On an average, they managed to give 9 correct answers out of 10, while the results of their sober counterparts were 6, more or less. Moreover, the slightly awash men also tended to make their decisions a few seconds faster. 

Trying to explain the results, the researchers assumed the concept of working memory was likely to play the main part. Simply put, working memory relates to the ability to remember different things while thinking of something else. So thanks to the small amount of alcohol, the men had started to think more freely and creatively, becoming less reliant on their linear reasoning.

However, if you intend to have a few drinks to become a bit smarter and more creative for a while, you should keep in mind that only small amounts of alcohol can offer the effect in question, the researchers stress. Drink a little bit more than you should and you may end up becoming ridiculous and slow, as bigger amounts of alcohol will have the opposite effect.