Simple Non-Medicated Methods to Deal with Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common conditions among people in the contemporary world. It’s estimated that more than 60% of adults face the problem of insomnia at some stage in their life. The causes might be various, from a huge amount of stress to metabolic issues. Regardless of the causes, there are some simple, harmless solutions for this problem.

One of the best methods to deal with insomnia is trying non-medicated approaches because they are the safest. Besides effectiveness, these natural methods also provide a long-time solution, unlike sleeping pills that have addictive effects and cannot be used for a prolonged period of time but only as a temporary short-term solution.warm-milk-for-imsomnia

Most people suffer from insomnia because of one common reason. They lie down in bed and simply cannot calm the mind. A lot of thoughts come and go and this can last for hours. We are not always aware of this, but rethinking of the situations that occurred during the day can really affect our ability to fall asleep. Some things that happened to us during the day are still spinning in the head and we need some practical solutions to divert and calm the mind. In this case, many people put everything on the paper shortly before going to bed. They write down all situations and thoughts that occupy their mind and the following results can be amazing; the mind is free to rest when the time is right. Thought are on the paper and the mind is more relaxed. This method can take up to 30 minutes, but then you might be able to fall asleep within minutes.

Eating habits matter a lot when it comes to a sound and healthy night sleep. We usually hear the advice not to eat before the bed time. It is true in general, but many people also can’t fall asleep when feeling hungry. The best way to deal with the problem would be some light snack like a combination of proteins and carbohydrates, for example. This kind of combination provokes the body’s processes to work better. At the same time, the body gets some nutrients that are important during the night. The crucial thing, however, is that you should keep the snack very light if you do not want to overload the stomach. One slice of rye bread with some peanut butter will be quite enough. And if you add a cup of warm milk to that, the combination will be ideal. Milk will help the body produce melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for quality sleep.

A lot of people also benefit from other non-medicated methods such as meditation, lavender bath, reading a book and listening to a calming music. It’s a good idea to try and experiment with different methods to find out which one suites you the best. It’s usually a combination of a few that provides better results.