Sexual Experiences after the Use of Alcohol or Marijuana

The Center for Drug Use and HIV Research at New York University published a research on sexual experiences after the use of either alcohol or marijuana. The research team, led by Dr. Palamar, interviewed 24 volunteers aged between 18 and 35 years old. The participants reported different sexual experiences based on whether they had consumed alcohol or marijuana before the sexual activity.

For example, the volunteers told the researchers that alcohol drove them to engage in risky sexual behavior more than marijuana did. Moreover, the participants reported having more feelings of regret after having alcohol-inspired sex than after having marijuana-inspired sex. The volunteers noted that smoking marijuana made them wary of their environment. In contrast, alcohol seemed to make them feel comfortable with their surroundings.Mine-hers-after-sex pots

Another important fact uncovered in this study is that people who smoke weed together are more likely to have sex than those who drink together. Finally, the research revealed that those who have sex after drinking alcohol would normally seek pleasure as their ultimate aim. However, those who have sex after smoking marijuana usually look for emotional connection with their partner.

The Rationale behind the findings

Those behind the research put forth a number of possible explanations for these observations. For instance, the legal status of marijuana could be a contributing factor to the sexual experiences people have after smoking it. When it comes to illegal use, it means that people who smoke it do so privately and with people they know and trust. They will engage in sexual behavior that is not risky since they know each other and the boundaries are well established.

They might also seek an emotional connection because of their familiarity with each other. Furthermore, marijuana smokers are likely to face the wrath of the law or some responsible authority when caught using an illegal substance. Therefore, they are more wary of their surroundings than people who use alcohol.

Lastly, those who smoke weed together are likely to have sex (if they are of the opposite sex) because they are usually smoking in a private and secretive environment. That means that emotions and desires are likely to overcome them more easily than those drinking a legal substance in an open environment.

Facts on the consumption of alcohol and marijuana

In 2009, the prevalence rate of marijuana use in the United States stood at 13.7%. Currently, about 44% of Americans said they have tried smoking this substance at least once in their life. Nearly 53% of US citizens want it legalized.

Alcohol use is more prevalent around the world and in the US than almost all other intoxicating substances known to man. The Washington Post reported that 24 million American adults consume alcohol drinks on a daily basis. Overall, 71% of US citizens drink alcohol now and then.