Number Of Obese Men Is Set To Increase

As more are enrolling on gym sessions, more people are also getting fat. World Obesity Federation has suggested that more men and women across the world will be obese by 2025. To precise about 1.7 billion people will become obese by 2025. In some parts of the world alone, the population of obese people will increase by almost two thirds by 2025.

In the next 10 years, seven in ten men will be overweight as the study suggests. Nevertheless, about 62% of women will be overweight as well. As much as the study as predicted a large health burden on the NHS, this also possess great risks to men and women. Weight gain has been associated with numerous health complications such as heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, and other diseases and forms of cancers.

Obese-MenRight now globally about 66% of men are carrying excess weight. However, according to the new findings and statistics from the study, in 2030 about 74% of men will be obese and about 64% of women will be overweight. This comes even after the World Health Organization (WHO) set global health goals against obese globe in 2011. The goals was to see no major or no increase at all in obesity. Nonetheless, other parts of the world there will be nomajor increase in obesity as shown by the recent research.

One of the probable causes as suggested by the research is the rising amounts of sugary and fatty foods that most foods are processed with. For instance, most food industries have been making the foods nutritious claims the report. In addition, the consumption of fast foods has also led to major increase in the level of advertisements across the world leading to more people opting for them. Nevertheless, it is set to contribute to obesity even more as most people leaving in the urban areas have no access to green spaces.

As these factors continue to contribute largely to the level of obesity in the world, the study suggests that unless huge taxes are imposed on these industries or governments come up with a better resolution, the figures are set to increase within the next ten years. The report suggests over 70%increase in the number of obesity in both men and women bringing the number to about 1.7 billion. The report also suggested an increase of about 40% in the number of severely obese adults is set to be realized.

As the report shows an increase in the number of obese people in Britain with men being the largely affected, the World Health Organization has admitted that the number of obese men is also increasing in the other parts of the world.