Men's Issues

A Quick Look at the Benefits of Prostate Massage

Whereas a massage of the prostate can be done on men for medical purposes or for pleasure, it remains a closely guarded subject that is talked about in low tones. Men, especially the heterosexual type, feel as though it is wrong for their partner to massage their prostate because of fear or discomfort…

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Male Infertility is Becoming more and more Common

Most people dream about having kids at some point in their lives. Some want kids because they want someone to carry on their legacy while others just want kids so that they could shower them with affection.

Unfortunately, having a child of your own is not always…

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What Does The Latest Report On PSA Testing Mean?

A while back, the American Cancer Society (ACS) published a report indicating that screening for cancer using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) was of little value. The examination which is quite…

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Number Of Obese Men Is Set To Increase

As more are enrolling on gym sessions, more people are also getting fat. World Obesity Federation has suggested that more men and women across the world will be obese by 2025. To precise about 1.7 billion people will become obese…

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Embarrassing Sexual Problems Men Won’t Admit

A lot of men suffer from issues related to sexual health and performance. While some, such as erectile dysfunction, are commonly talked about and treated, others are still considered something to hide and be embarrassed about. The truth is, however, that these problems are actually more common than…

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