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Fluid Retention: What Are Possible Causes?

Some people may seem as healthy and fit as can be, yet the numbers on the scale or the tags of their clothes insist on stating otherwise. There are several possible reasons for this to happen, but one that some people might be surprised by is water retention.

Water is undoubtedly essential…

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Curing Deafness with a Single Drug Injection Could Become a Reality

Hearing is one of the senses that is most impacted by aging. Progressive loss of hearing in humans occurs because the hair cells of the auditory system, which are instrumental…

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What Is The Best Time to Quit a Bad Habit?

It cannot be denied that people develop habits every day of their life. Experts in psychology think that a particular behavior turns into a habit after 21 days of practice (while some believe people develop a specific habit after 66 days). Some of these habits are healthy while some are very harmful.…

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3 Hazardous Substances That Humans Ingest Every Day

The need to automate and speed up food production to keep up with the population explosion during the 20th century has led producers to make hasty decisions regarding the chemicals that are added in food processing. The same can be said of drinking water supplies. Some of these substances have been…

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The Threat of Superbugs

Antibiotics are probably the most famous drug category, useful in treating a very wide range of diseases and infections. Many scientists and medical experts consider them to be our “last line of defense” against certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, we can become defenseless way sooner than we…

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Long-Term Effects of Sleep Deprivation That Everyone Should Know

Some people stay up all night to work, study or have fun. There are also others who are unable to sleep properly due to stress and health conditions that interfere with their sleep. However, not sleeping well and enough is not okay at all. In fact, there is a big price to pay for it.

In the…

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Understanding the Important Aspects of Colonoscopy

As implied, colonoscopy refers to the examination of the large intestines as well as the rectum. In general, colonoscopy is performed using a fiber optic or CCD camera which is attached to a flexible tube. This procedure is primarily a diagnostic process for people with certain symptoms,…

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Everything You Need to Know about Loosened or Knocked out Teeth

Dental emergencies can happen anytime and can range from loosened teeth, knocked out teeth, or severe toothaches. It's always advisable to seek immediate medical attention whenever dental trauma or pain occurs.

If an injury loosens your tooth in its socket or if the gums surrounding your tooth…

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Common Alternative Medicine Misconceptions

38% of the adult population in the USA and more than 12% of children use some form of alternative medicine, and this is according to reliable statistics from NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health). The numbers are even higher than this…

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Top 5 the most In-demand Healthcare Support Workers in 2016

The health care sector is one of the determining fields in the society. Health experts are always busy on the ground to deliver medical services to patients. The top health caregivers include surgeons, dentists, and doctors and various support workers assisting them. Health support workers play a…

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