Male Infertility is Becoming more and more Common

Most people dream about having kids at some point in their lives. Some want kids because they want someone to carry on their legacy while others just want kids so that they could shower them with affection.

Unfortunately, having a child of your own is not always a guarantee. It depends on a person’s fertility. 7% of all men are infertile i.e. they are unable to impregnate a fertile woman. Women are also capable of being infertile, but male infertility is a problem contributing to about 40 to 50% of all infertility cases.

Understanding the causes of this medical condition is critical for those who would like to have a child of their own because they would also know how to prevent it.

The causes of male infertility

Studies now show that tobacco can seriously damage a man’s testicles killing his sperm and as such, making him infertile. It happens because tobacco has an unhealthy level of cadmium in it. This metal replaces zinc, which is a critical metal when it comes to producing sperm.

Age is also a common cause of male infertility because as a man grows old the quality of his semen declines progressively.Male-Infertility

Obesity increases the chances of a man developing hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. This condition leads to the diminished production of sex steroids.

Strenuous riding of a bicycle or horse may lead to male infertility as well.

Other causes include excessive consumption of alcohol, genetic abnormalities, and persistent drug abuse.

Finally, diseases such as seminoma, testicular cancer, and varicocele can lead to male infertility.

How to prevent male Infertility

Preventing a disease, if possible, is always the best option for anyone. You can decrease the risk of male infertility by avoiding tobacco products i.e. cigarettes because they have an impact on your health in general and reproductive system in particular.

Stay away from alcohol as much as you can and do not use hard drugs or even marijuana unless it is for medicinal purposes. Remember, heavy use of marijuana reduces the level of testosterone in your body in addition to reducing your rate of sperm production. Exposing your testes to excessive heat is also not a good idea.

Additionally, wear a jockstrap and a protective cup to protect your testicles when playing games that could inflict a physical trauma on your testicles.

Is treatment possible?

Fortunately, treating male infertility is possible through various means depending on its cause. For example, hormonal therapy is effective when it comes to treating infertility that results from hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Pre-testicular infertility conditions are easy to treat through medical interventions, but testicular infertility conditions are resistant to these interventions. In this case, other methods such as in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmatic sperm injection are suitable.