Fluid Retention: What Are Possible Causes?

Some people may seem as healthy and fit as can be, yet the numbers on the scale or the tags of their clothes insist on stating otherwise. There are several possible reasons for this to happen, but one that some people might be surprised by is water retention.

Water is undoubtedly essential for humans. In fact, it is what more than 70% of our bodies is made of. However, it can certainly turn from a friend to foe in some cases, causing weight gain and affecting your health negatively.

Before you start taking your water bottles away, you should know that fluid retention has little to do with how much or how little you drink.Fluid Retention It may actually happen when you do drink a proper amount of water, but it gets trapped in the wrong tissues, causing your body to act like it is not getting enough fluids when it definitely is.

There are several reasons for this. It may be that your kidneys aren't working properly, thus being unable to expel excess water and impurities from the body. It may also be that you indulge in salty meals elevating the levels of sodium in your body so that it works against you instead of regulating your fluid levels.

In women, water retention may be linked to their menstrual cycles or even pregnancy, neither of which is a real cause for worry, even though it may cause some bloating, resulting in discomfort and a feeling of insecurity.

Hormones may also be the culprit of water retention - in fact, scientists suspect that hormones are responsible for the menstrual bloating as well. Unfortunately, trying to balance them with hormonal therapy may only add to the problem, as these medications also tend to cause fluid retention.

Aside from these, other simple causes may include lifestyle choices or habits such as physical inactivity or spending too much time on your feet, consequently drawing the body fluids downwards and trapping them there.

Sometimes the problem is that you may actually drink too much water. You can verify that by looking at the color of your urine - it will be almost transparent if you drink too much.

Water retention is a serious reason for concern as it may be a symptom of several more serious conditions - from thyroid imbalance to heart disease, all of which can become fatal if not caught in time.

So if you find yourself constantly bloated, thirsty or unable to lose weight in spite of being active and eating properly, it may be time to consider talking to your doctor about the possibility that your body is retaining water.