Embarrassing Sexual Problems Men Won’t Admit

A lot of men suffer from issues related to sexual health and performance. While some, such as erectile dysfunction, are commonly talked about and treated, others are still considered something to hide and be embarrassed about. The truth is, however, that these problems are actually more common than they may seem, and they should be explained properly to men and their partners.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS), for instance, is a condition that can actually cause symptoms similar to those of ED — that is, the inability to have and sustain erections — but it also has other health implications, as the lack of the male hormone also affects your bone structure and energy levels.man-no-pants-250x376

TDS, also known as hypogonadism, can easily be detected with a simple blood test, and is treated with hormonal supplements, which will help restore your physical and sexual health as well as your confidence.

Priapism, or prolonged erection, is quite simply the exact opposite of erectile dysfunction, and while some might not think it would be embarrassing, it is. In fact, if sustained for too long — 4 hours is the recommended time to seek help — a prolonged erection can actually cause permanent damage to the penis.

Priapism can be an unfortunate side effect of several medications, among which are those that are meant to treat erectile dysfunction. Treatment will include draining and regulating the blood supply to the penile area, most likely through invasive procedures.

Peyronie’s disease is something that could potentially be even more crippling than anything we’ve referred to so far, both physically and mentally. This disease presents itself as a deformation in the male genitals, particularly at the top, and it can lead to painful erections as well as the inability to have sex altogether.

This disease can occur naturally, as scar tissue builds up and forms a bump, but it can also be the result of a prior injury. So far, it can only be cured through surgery.

As for libido and ejaculatory dysfunctions, the most common has to be premature ejaculation. This problem is actually quite common, especially in younger men, but it is frequently mocked in the media, causing men to be embarrassed about it.

There are no ideal medical treatments for premature ejaculation, though antidepressants and anesthetics can be used to slow down the ejaculation process. A more enjoyable solution would be to use a penis ring, which limits blood flow to the penis and allegedly helps delay the ejaculation in a more exciting way that is less embarrassing for the man and more pleasurable for his partner.