Do the Elderly Need Sex?

Each and every time we hear the word sex, we tend to associate it with the younger generation. But does this mean that seniors don’t need sex and are not interested in it? Not at all. According to medical experts, the older you get the more sex you need to keep fit. However, with the knowledge that aging brings a lot of health impairments and weakens the immune system in general, a lot of questions arise on whether sex is really advisable at an old age or not.

old couple kissingWell, with all the health issues that tend to affect people at an old age, sex activity could actually be a way out for them to still keep fit and sharp even when they come into their 70s and older. Sex not only improves one's health but also gives great emotional charge, which definitely comes in handy for old people.

The satisfaction we get when we make our partners feel good through our touches and a bit of play gives us the emotional well being we all yearn for. The truth is, having sex at an older age may not be the same as when having it at the age of 20; however, the older you get, the more experienced you become. So despite decreased endurance and strength, you can still have enjoyable sex, as your experience and knowledge about how to please your partner can compensate for physical limitations.

It is a long familiar fact that during sex the brain tends to release endorphins that cause the reduction of anxiety in the body, improve moods, act like natural painkillers, and have some other health benefits. Generally speaking, the release of endorphins makes us feel happy.

Also, keep in mind that sex doesn't necessarily have to boil down to intercourse. Cuddles and petting alone can give sexual pleasure and be totally satisfying to you and your partner. Research shows that sexual satisfaction in older couples often relates to intimacy rather than mechanical sex.

One particular study surveyed married women with the ages ranging from 66 to 82 years old. The participants were asked questions about their sex life and satisfaction. Surprisingly, a little more than 70 percent of women said that they were totally satisfied with their sex life, whereas the sexual activity of many of them consisted mostly of petting and didn’t involve penetration in most cases.