Condoms That Make You Last Longer: How Do They Work?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the leading sexual disorder among men, with some statistics estimating that one in every three adult males has the problem. There are treatments available, and some well-known ED medications such as Viagra and Cialis can also be helpful for PE. But, there are some particular types of condoms that work as short-term solutions, and they are what millions of men across the world rely on to deal with this problem.

These certain types of condoms typically come in two kinds but are available in many different brands. The first category is the thick condom which most brands market as "Extended Pleasure” or “Extra Safe". The second type is similar in thickness to the regular ones but has a special These types of condoms have a different mechanism of work, but they are both effective in delaying ejaculation.

Thicker Condoms

Condoms with an "Extended Pleasure" label are thicker than the traditional ones, and they are what a man who wants to last longer should use. The thickness of condoms varies from one brand to the other with the thinnest being about 0.02mm while some are up to 0.9mm. These thick ones work by desensitizing the penis and hence increasing the time that it takes for a man to ejaculate.

Although the effectiveness of these condoms seems to vary, most guys that use them report some increase in the time that it takes them to ejaculate. Some men will even double or triple their ejaculation time when wearing these condoms. The best element about them is that there is still enough sensation for guys to enjoy the intercourse.

Condoms with Anesthetic Lubricant

The second type of condoms is a special one that contains a particular kind of lubricant that acts as a numbing agent. Most brands use Lidocaine or Benzocaine which are local anesthetics. Their design and thickness are similar to the regular condoms, but they have a small quantity of the anesthetic around the area that surrounds the penis head when a man is wearing a condom.

The anesthetic works by numbing the penis but it does not affect the erection. What makes this condom very effective is the fact that it reduces the sensation of the penis during sexual intercourse. By numbing the penis head, it will take longer for a man to get fully aroused and this will in turn delay ejaculation considerably.

When using this type of condoms, it is important to wear it at least a minute before the intercourse because the numbing effect is not instant. The biggest disadvantage of these condoms is the decreased sensation. Some amounts of the anesthetics inevitably get into the woman's vagina as well, which might make her numb and reduce the pleasure for her too.