Causes of Low Libido in Men

For a very long time, there has been a notion that men are always interested or have a huge desire for sex and that it is only women who have low libido issues. This is very wrong. Some men too are known to be facing enormous challenges trying to get their sex drive right. Studies have shown that at least one out of six men is struggling with this condition. But have you ever wondered what could be the cause of low libido in men? Well, this article is going to enlighten you about the causes so that you can be able to understand the condition better and be able to deal with it in the right and efficient manner.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is a very crucial hormone in a man’s reproductive system. This hormone is responsible for the production of sperm. A drastic decrease in the levels of this hormone consequently results in a low sex drive.no_sex_tonight In case you feel like this is the reason for your low libido problems then you should talk about it with your doctor as it can be corrected through e.g. the right supplements.

Chronic illnesses and their medications

An acute illness in which you are forced to be under certain medications can make your body hormones and organs shift focus to deal with the disease. This disease and its medications can, for example, cause your body to produce fewer hormones responsible for erections and sperm production because it has mainly focused on fighting the disease. This will, therefore, result in low libido.


Age is another huge cause of low sex drive. Men are usually at their prime sexually when they are in the late teenage years. After 25, their libido starts gradually to go down. Low libido brought about by aging can, however, be treated with the right medication.

Depression and stress

Depression and lots of stress caused by different factors can deny a man a chance to have great sex drive. Stress will cause your hormone levels to be interrupted thus interfering with your reproductive system. A depressed and stressed person tends to be worried more about other things losing interest in sexual activity.

The above makes up four of the biggest causes of low libido among men. The good news is that these causes can be regulated. This can be done through some medications, supplements, and therapy. Therefore, if your low libido is due to any of such problems then talking to the doctor could be your first step on the way of increasing and sustaining decent sex drive.