Blood In Urine

Blood urine commonly occurs in adults and should be paid attention to. Why blood shows in urine? What bring this symptom to people? Let’s figure it out one by one.

You may know that bladder is an organ full with blood vessels. When having infection in the bladder, which is also known as cystitis, sufferers usually experience blood in urine because of the broken micro vessel. And this is the reason why blood can show in urine when urinating or even after urinating.

Blood-In-UrineBlood in urine can be classified into two types. One can be seen by eyes and one can only be seen under the microscope. If there are more than 5 blood cells in urine can be seen under the microscope, it is this disease. Generally speaking, the later one is severe than the first one.

This disease is a major symptom of cystitis. And this type of blood in urine differs from other type. The illness caused by cystitis commonly has no blood in the urine at the beginning but shows blood at the end of the urination. Sometimes, it can also be caused by kidney diseases like nephropyelitis even though it is seldom.

Cystitis, commonly caused by bacterial infection, is a Urinary tract infectious disease. It is easier for men to affect this disease than women, because their urethra is not longer and closer to anus. Thus their bladder is easy to be attacked by bacteria.

In addition to this disaster, Cystitis patients at acute period can experience other symptoms including difficult to urinate, frequent urination, pain on lower abdominal and pain and burning on urethral orifice. If cystitis occurs again and again, it will turn into chronic type like glandular cystitis, of which symptoms are frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, bloody urine, difficult urination and so on.

According to the symptoms, to cure this bloody urine caused by cystitis, patients need to clear heat and remove toxin and diuretic. Anti-inflammatory Pill, Herbal pill – Diuretic are such a pill that functions to activate lifeblood and resolving stasis, making softer and dissipating mass, clearing heat and resolving dampness. Therefore, symptoms like blood in urine acute can be cured totally with about 3 month’s treatment.

The treatment of urinary bleeding depends on the underlying cause. When blood in urine is caused by exercise, it usually goes away on its own in a day or two; however, other problems often require medical care.