Are Sexual Fetishes Harmful?

The answer to that will depend on a number of factors. What kind of fetish is it? Is it possible to be sexually satisfied without your fetish? Is your fetish dangerous? Is your fetish taking over your life? Is it making your partner uncomfortable?

Before answering all those questions, it’s important to understand what exactly a fetish is. A fetish is a psychological need for a specific act, thing, or body part to be present in order to obtain sexual arousal and satisfaction. As you can probably imagine there are a lot of fetishes out there, and whether they are harmful or not depends upon each individual case.Fetish_girl

For most people with a real fetish it is impossible for them to obtain a state of sexual arousal and ultimate satisfaction without having their fetish involved. For example, if someone enjoys being dominated by their partner, they will probably find sexual acts that don’t involve this as being boring and unsatisfying. As to whether or not a fetish is dangerous, that depends upon a fetish in question and the level of extreme behavior that may be necessary to perform the fetish.

One fairly rare fetish is auto erotic asphyxiation. This usually involves using some kind of suspension around the individual’s neck that cuts down the blood supply. This is done while masturbating, and it can be potentially dangerous. There have been some people who have accidentally taken this act too far resulting in their deaths from strangulation.

Another measurement as to whether or not a fetish is harmful is the level of importance it has in your life. Is it something that you fantasize about to the point where you aren’t able to meet your personal and professional obligations in life? Is it something that is so important that you are willing to ignore other parts of your life so that you can prioritize your fetish? How do your partner(s) feel about your fetish? Are they willing to go along with your desires or you have to put them in uncomfortable situation so that you can achieve the sexual release?

It’s usually enough to sincerely answer those questions to understand whether your fetish in harmful or not. Sexual fetishes are generally not harmful as long as you don’t allow them to become something you obsess over, or something that causes you to put yourself in harm’s way. So if you have a fetish, and it helps you feel sexually satisfied without having a negative impact on your life or your partner’s, then indulge yourself.