A Lot of Men Tend to Worry Whether the Duration of Their Sexual Performance Is Sufficient

A significant percentage of men consider sex to be a bit stressful rather than a purely pleasing activity for a few different reasons. Some are worried whether their penis size is adequate, while others are not sure if they have a good overall “performance” that will satisfy the woman they’re having sex with. However, there is also a third category that is not sure about the ideal duration of a sexual intercourse.

This anxiety about the best length of sex is based on two separate things: men’s unwillingness to discuss the topic with women and the modern advertising industry that keeps bombarding us with slogans like “Take this drug to last longer“.stop-watch-hand What most men fail to understand is that, after a certain point, longer does not equal better. So, how do we reveal the truth? The answer is really simple: we ask women their opinion.

At first, the answer does not seem to be that helpful, simply because tastes and preferences in sex, just like in every other part of our lives, are different from one person to another. In situations like that, the best thing to do is gather as many opinions as possible and then calculate the average.

The majority of women and also medical experts such as psychologists and sex therapists who get to discuss these matters with a very large number of either women or couples state that the desirable time can be set anywhere between 7 and 13 minutes. There are, of course, some deviations towards lengths greater than the 13 minutes margin, but it is safe to say that the aforementioned numbers represent most of today's women.

But, there is a point in this statement that needs to be clarified. This time frame only includes intercourse. Foreplay, cuddling, kissing, petting and other activities are not included, so the overall time may vary greatly.

If the answer is quite obvious, why are the “Best way to last longer in bed" ads so frequent? In a way, this happens because premature ejaculation is more common than most people think. However, it is not a solution that is required by every single man.

So, when it comes to understanding whether your sexual performance duration is sufficient, the best way to avoid any misinterpretations, boost your confidence and also make sure you are offering your partner pleasure is to get over any feeling of shyness and start discussing topics of sexual nature with your partner. Avoiding talking about something that is bothering us does not help at all. On the contrary, it makes the problem even bigger.